die Bilingual-Klasse 8e hat im Englischunterricht in Gruppenarbeit die Alemannen-Realschule mit einer Amerikanischen High School verglichen. Hier drei Texte, die sowohl einen kleinen Einblick in das Schulleben der Alemannen-Realschule geben, als auch in die tollen englischsprachigen Fähigkeiten der Schülerinnen und Schüler der Klasse 8e.

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Hingham High School, USA  vs.  Alemannen-Realschule Müllheim

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Text 1 by Tobias, Sergej and Fabian

Hingham Highschool and Alemannen Realschule in comparison

The Hingham Highschool and our school are quite similar but our school has a different schoolday.

Our schoolday at the Alemannen-Realschule starts at 8am - like at the Hingham Highschool. In that time, we have lessons like sports, maths, German and other lessons. It ends at 15.25pm. We mostly have homework but not every day. On the other hand, Hingham Highschool ends at 2.30pm and they have homework every day.

Our school doesn´t have after-class activities, but at Highschool they have after-class activities like rugby, football and other activities.

All 700 students at Alemannen-Realschule mostly start school at the age of 10 and finish it at the age of 16. But at Hingham Highschool, there are more than 1100 students, the youngest are 14 years old and end school at the age of 18. At Highschool they start at 9th grade and finish school after 12th grade. You are at our school for 6 years, from 5th to 10th grade.

Students at Highschools get to school by bus. But the oldest students are allowed to get a driver´s license and drive to school. At Alemannen-Realschule many students ride to school by bike, but of course some students get there by bus, too.

The most important thing at school are the rules that you have to follow. A very important rule at both schools is that you’re not allowed to leave the school yard, but at our school you´re allowed to leave in lunchtime. Another rule that both schools have, is that you are not allowed to have your cell phone during school time. An advantage at Hingham High school is that you can listen to music in free time. A clear rule is to wear shoes, but on the other hand it would be funny if all students walked around in socks. Sometimes you see students smoking in the schoolyard, of course it´s not allowed, but if a teacher sees it, the students will be in big trouble. Of course, there are more rules, but the last is to dress properly. This means not being to revealing.

To sum up, the rules are mostly similar but the rest is different. Now we can clearly say, that we are happy to be a student at Alemannen-Realschule, because at Highschools like the Hingham Highschool the schooldays are way too long and limit the free time to go out with friends for example.


Text 2 by Mihai and Henry

Comparing the Alemannen-Realschule with the Hingham High-School

Hingham High-School and the Alemannen-Realschule are quite similar, because they almost have the same rules. For example, both schools do not allow cell phones in school or smoking, but there is one different rule at our school. It is listening to music in your free periods. At our school it is not allowed. On the one hand I think it would be better, if we were allowed to listen to music, because everyone likes music. I do also focus a little bit better while I am listening to music. On the other hand, it would be bad, if it was allowed, because everybody would be on their phone then. If a teacher walked by, you could say that you only wanted to turn on the music and no teacher would take your phone away.

Some things are the same in some way, but quite different in others. For example, both schools start at nearly the same time, but they end differently. At Alemannen-Realschule school ends one and a half hours earlier (at 1 pm) than at Hingham High-School (2:30 pm). At both schools there is homework almost every day.

Also both schools have afternoon activities but at ARS it is not a duty to take part at like at Hingham High-School. Another thing that separates the both schools is that ARS does not have afternoon lessons every day like at Hingham High-School. We have afternoon lessons one to three times per week.

The major subjects are also different in some way, for example at Hingham High-School the major subjects are US History and English but at the ARS it is Maths, English, German and you can also choose between AES, Technik and French. So to sum up, I would stay at the ARS, because I do not want to have afternoon lessons daily.


Text 3 by Eric, Marc und David

Differences between our School and Hingham High school

The most things at our school are are different to Hingham High School, but some things are quite similar.

The school starts at 7.50 and ends at 1 pm, but sometimes you have afternoon lessons that end at 3.25 pm. We also have two breaks in the morning at 9.20 am and 11.10 am and when you have afternoon lesson you also have break from 1 to 2 pm. In the most lessons we get homework or have to learn. Students who finish school at 1 pm can go to "Ag's". "Ag's" are lessons where you can do sports like playing basketball or playing guitar.

Now we come to the students and their differences.

The Students at Hingham Highschoolan at the Alemannen-Realschule are different. At Hingham Highschool the most students are aged 14 – 18 years and at our school the students are aged 10 – 16 years. Some students are even 17 years old, because they had to repeat a year. But sometimes there are also students that end school at age of 15 years, because they have started the school aged 5 years. At Alemannen-Realschule Müllheim there are around 700 students, if you compare this with the with Hingham Highschool, you will see, that the Alemannen Realschule is very small.

The most students go to the so called „Schokibunker“ (Berufliches Gymnasium) after their exam. If you go there, you will do your A-level. The grades at „ARS“ are from 5 – 10th grade. That is a long time in a students’ life. The students luckily don’t have to wear a uniform at our school, so they can wear what they want. But there is something like a dress code, too.

At last, we come to the rules. If I could choose, cellphones would be allowed at school, because they could make the school life easier. On the on hand, it’s nice to have a cellphone to look for the answers in English on Chat-GPT, but on the other hand, it sucks if it makes noise everytime. Another rule, that is quite similar is the ”no smoking at school“ rule . So, if you smoke at our school, you will be in big trouble. But there are also good rules, for example, a rule that says you can wear the clothes you want. I think it’s very important to wear the clothes you want as long as you don’t make other people angry with your clothes. Another rule that is different is a rule that says: “Don’t listen to music during the schoolday. It’s a nice rule, because it’s annoying, if somebody listens to music loudly. One big difference between our school and Hingham is that you can leave our school at lunchtime, so you don’t have to go to a cafeteria.

To sum up, we like our school more than Hingham Highschool, because it is not so strict. Besides, thanks to this exercise, we have learned that there is a big difference between German and American schools.